Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wild Things

I want to share with you a few of the really cool wild things I saw when I visted the Iguazu Falls a few weeks ago. First up we have the cute (maybe not-so-cute) coati that looks like a part raccoon, part opossum mix in my opinion.

I was minding my own business walking along a path near the waterfalls when I decided to munch on a banana. I peel my banana, take a big bite, and all of the sudden, in the flash of second, I am surrounded by coatis. They wanted some delicious banana and jumped up on the railing right next to where I was walking. I thought they were going to bite me. Eek.

Three guys from Europe also saw the coati and were scared too. Every time the coati crawled closer they took big steps backward all together. Haha. I couldn't help but laugh. City boys.

There were some pretty flashy neon orange mushrooms on a log in the woods.

Some gorgeous butterflies.

Lots of butterflies.

Lizards sunning themselves on rocks, trees, and trails.

And pretty birds. Bird watchers would be in bird-watching heaven.

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  1. They are pretty pictures. My favorite part of your story was when the guys took one big step backwards. I could see them standing on the bridge going that! I am sure you saw many different looking animals.