Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Want a Smoke?

New Images "decorate" cigarette cartons. This article in El Pais, gives a glimpse at the new labels cigarette companies are required to print on their cigarette cartons. See the labels below, but be warned that they are very graphic.

Since arriving in Uruguay I've been abhorred by the images of babies smoking, corroded lungs, and other nasty graphics already plastered on the side of cigarette boxes (I don't smoke but I have friends that do). Now, the images are to get worse. More graphic. More terrifying. And surpisingly these photos have to cover at least 80% of the carton.

Shocking, right? Wouldn't seeing these make you think twice about lighting up next time? I don't know.

I've talked with friends about how they can continue to smoke while such terrible things are printed on the side of their cigarette packs, but they have all said, that they are aware of the health risks, but it's not enough to change their behavior. One friend said she covers the picture of the baby with her hand. Nobody needs to see that.

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