Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Club Bohemios

Thanks to the wind and rain keeping me for running along la rambla (the path along the beach pictured below), I joined a gym today! I've been meaning to for the longest time, but I couldn't find one just right for me, until I stumbled upon Club Bohemios. A few of the gyms I visited were rather gross, too far away, missing a pool, no good classes, or too expensive. Club Bohemios is close to my house and they offer tons of activities.

I went to volleyball tonight, and it wasn't any casual-toss-the-ball-around volleyball. It was tomorrow-I'm-gonna-be-sore volleyball. My favorite kind.

I also took advantage of the indoor pool. Finally, a pool! I haven't been able to swim laps in over 6 months.

The best part is that they were running a promotion where if you buy 3 months at once, you don't have to pay matriculation. Oh yeah, sign me up baby. The price in total with the medical examination and ID card was 2,650 pesos or about 120 dollars. That's only $40 a month. I think that's less than what you'd pay for the same type of gym in the US, although I'm no expert on such matters. Regardless, I'm really happy to have a place to go exercise rain or shine and hopefully the variety of activities will keep me motivated to actually go everyday.

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