Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Expo Prado

I went to Expo Prado with a teacher from one of my conversation classes and her friend. It was a great time.

Expo Prado is basically a large farm show or agriculatural exhibition in the Prado neighborhood of Montevideo. This year is the 104th Expo hosted by the Rural Association of Uruguay "where all sectors of the national economy are represented." And 530,000 visitors are expected to attend.

Besides all of the livestock displays (cows, pigs, goats, sheep, bunnies, hens, horses, etc.), there were also many businesses represented, from industrial tractor companies to cellphone service providers. A lot of corporations hired pretty girls in matching outfits to hand out advertising pamphlets to passerbys.

There were also public awarness booths (like for the transportation ministry or national army among many others) and artisinal stalls where I picked up a few presents and another silver ring for myself (I might have a slight ring-buying addiction. Somebody stop me!).

There were also lots of tasty food options. You could buy a hamburger from a little cart on the street or sit down for a full asado dinner. I personaly had a taco from the Mexican embassy's tent. Finally--some spiciness! The first time I've had anything with actual hot sauce since arriving in Uruguay.

I think my favorite part about Expo Prado was people watching. There were people from all classes and walks of life at the expo (and they were all drinking mate). There were gauchos from the interior, children in school uniforms, rich women in leather coats, farmhands in knee-high rubber boots, teenagers in skinny jeans, and grandpas in sweater vests. Everybody came out to take part in Uruguay's commercial and industrial success.


  1. I guess like coffee from Starbucks. Do you buy it?

    Also, shop and buy what you like, or else you will regret not having purchased something after you return.

    Sounds like you are having a wonderful time! Guess you made it to the Fair? Just not in Ship! Was that rabbit cooking on the pit?


  2. be carefull Frodo!!!!!she's a Lady of te Rings!!!!!!!!!! .)

  3. ah ha! big fluffy sheep! *ssqqquuueezzzeee*

    another silver ring? is it going to make your finger turn color?


    you and rings are like me and boots/purses.

    it's true what shirley will regret not buying something

  4. i wrote a comment, but I'm not sure why it didn't appear awhile ago...but to rewrite it:

    Shirley--thanks for reading my blog! Mate is as popular as coffee in the States, although it is much cheaper than Starbucks because you buy the yerba and then pour hot water in over and over again. I only drink it when someone offers me though. I don't have the technique right to make it quite right myself. Nothing could ever quite be like the fair in Shippensburg. I will have to go next year to get my funnel cake and girl scout thin mint milkshake. And I don't know what animal is on the pit. I don't think it's rabbit though, because those would be some enormous rabbits. Maybe lamb? pigs? I don't know my slabs of meat...

    After alien--not a LOTR reference!!! jaja

    Aemelia--the sheep were really wooly and I wanted to give them a hug but then I realized they were also rather dirty. Not a good idea. And this ring was not cheap like the one from BA. It'd best not turn my finger green. :)