Friday, July 31, 2009


Zoop. Zap. Zing. Christie and I had to learn the hard way how to do our laundry. By getting shocked. Repeatedly.

I began to dread doing the wash (more than normal that is), because every time we'd reach inside the machine to pull out an article of clothing or to open or close the lid, we'd get shocked. Zoop. Zap. Zing. And it wasn't a little zoop zap zing either. The electric current was rather jolting, especially fishing out a large load of laundry. Christie tried to wear oven mitts. I tried to wrap a towel around my hands, but we could still feel the shock.

And then we learned the secret. Shoes. You have to wear shoes while using the washing machine to ground yourself!

Who would've figured? Washing machines are just not the same in the US. No shirt, no shoes, no problem.


  1. hahahaha, what in the world? you may want to get that checked because it's not wired properly and not grounded and could start a fire.
    not good, jenn...not good.

  2. haha... remember physics class? i am sure we talked about electric during that class.

  3. but you have a problem whit the wire ground, check the wire ground in the machine first(3 contacts at the end of the cable = one of them is wire ground, even the color of wire maybe is green), if you machine had a wire ground contact your landlord or landlady and asking about the ground wire of house, in Uruguay that wire is mandated for UTE in all house.