Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thongs in Public

Yes, this post might be slightly scandalous.

I was at pool today and saw something that struck me as quite strange. Another girl came to swim laps the wearing a one piece thong bathing suit. Seriously? A thong one-piece? To swim laps at the gym? How impractical. It can neither be modest nor comfortable. Why would anyone even own such a swimsuit?

Furthermore, I've noticed that a lot of women wear thongs at the beach. Old and young. Fat or skinny. They aren't usually topless like I found in Spain, but still as scantily clad as possible. And women wear thongs to dance to carnaval music which often involves shaking your booty, if you will. It's the land of thongs over here!

I recognize this is just a cultural difference, but public displays of thong-covered rear ends make this stuffy American feel uncomfortable.


  1. meh...not as bad as being topless. like seeing a baby's butt on a tv commerical.
    by the way, I just noticed the declaration on the right that this blog is not an offical fulbright program website. Did someone make you put that up?

  2. True, I suppose.

    Yes, someone from the US Department of State informed me that I had to include a disclaimer as part of the terms and conditions I signed to accept the Fulbright grant. So I added the new blurb just to make it clear my opinions are my own; although I hope that would be clear without it...

  3. I would feel very uncomfortable someone walking around like that though. I don't think that I could walk around like that unless I knew no one else was watching me.

    yeah, I just noticed that tonight too about the disclaimer.

  4. Ah, to be an American. That is, to be mildly offended by something common and completely innocent in another country, and then go on and on about on the web like it is some sort of important news.