Thursday, December 31, 2009

Read This!

Want to find out about my Fulbright experience in a nutshell? Check out the article that I wrote for the Fulbright website by visiting this link:

(Thank you Mary for the opportunity to write it.)

It's difficult to sum up an experience of a life time. Writing this article got me reflecting about my time in Uruguay. What have I accomplished? What kind of impact have I left? What have I learned? What have gained? What have I lost? How have I changed? Where will the future lead?

In the midst of all those questions, I meant what I said at the end of the article. I know that a little part of my heart will always belong in Uruguay. Uruguay has has left some kind of impression on me and it will always be a part of my life.


  1. well, Jennifer i supousse your experience in Uruguay is over, i tell you something, i learn pretty much about my country reading your blog, perhaps because other point of view show me other reallity what i coudn´t imagine, or wathever, i mean, yes, i know the reality what you descrive, but the perspective is so diferent...your blog is awesome!!!!!
    thanks for all the post, and when you drink a mate in the states, remember the paisito :)

  2. You're welcome! It was a pleasure reading just a bit of what you've done :)

  3. Hi Jennifer! Any chance you're still checking this blog? I just got offered an ETA spot in Uruguay for next year, and I'd love to ask you some questions about your experiences there. It'd be great to talk to you!



    1. @roberto, Congratulations! I did get an notification when you wrote your comment here, even though I haven't checked this blog in quite awhile. Please feel free to email me at jenn.bly at gmail dot com :)