Saturday, April 4, 2009

Semana Santa

I am off to Argentina! Our apartment was already rented out for this coming week because of Semana Santa (Holy Week) also known as Semana de Turismo (Tourism Week) so we have to vacate. We chose to go to Buenos Aires because a week there is certain not to disappoint. I am very excited.

In the meanwhile, enjoy some photos of pretty Uruguayan naturaleza.

I find the ones with bright flower blossoms my favorite. We were walking to the bus station one day and I made us stop to take a photo of the flower trees and we looked up to discover a whole family watching us from the window. Whoops. I didn't mean to be a creeper.

The flowers are just so pretty. There also seems to be more interesting plant life by the river than anywhere else in the city. As you can see by the orangish-red exotic-flower looking thing above. I've asked what some of the names of these plants are but I can never catch the answer.


  1. very nice jenn....peeping american tourist, ha.

  2. by the way, how are you getting there?

  3. A Flecha Bus from Salto to Buenos Aires, took about 7 hours.

  4. The bottom picture is from a tree in the Erythrina genus (coral tree, flame tree). Nice blog. Nice pictures. The top looks like a hibiscus or maybe malva.