Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I forgot to post about our trip to an estancia back when we were in Salto.

We visited a ranch that belongs to the aunt of one of the professors from the CERP. Tia Sara was 90 plus years old, and she was very sweet.

This place was literally in the middle of nowhere. We drove down "roads" that were nothing more than muddy trails through fields and tangerine orchards.

The house was gorgeous. Big enough for a very very large family and then some.

It was also full of antiques from to top bottom.

Centuries of family treasures abounded in the house. It was almost like a museum.

We spent our afternoon exploring the ranch, sipping mate, and eating delicious pastries. What could be more Uruguayan?

Overall, we had a lovely time on a beautiful farm that hasn't changed it's looks in well over a hundred years! The Uruguayan countryside and rural lifestyle is well-worth preserving.

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