Thursday, March 26, 2009

My First Day of Elementary School

One of our assignments while here is to work 3 days a week with teachers in a primary school on English instruction. My school, Escuela Numero Uno, is wonderful. The students had a special welcoming ceremony for me where they sang songs and read poetry in English. It was so special.

I can't walk down the hallway without 17 students yelling my name and running up to give me hugs and kisses. The kids are so adorable. I want to take them home with me. Watch out: I may end up coming home with 250+ kids.


  1. cute. What, are you going to stuff them in your bag? They are cute though.

  2. when I think about it, it is so refreshing to see children so excited about learning and of their teachers. Here, children grumble and complain even though they have all of the world and information at their fingertips. What would happen if these excited children had the advantages children here have?

  3. aww... makes you want one of your own right? :-p

    I am glad to read that you like the school that you are at. The children are adorable!

  4. J:

    What grade in elementary school are you teaching?

    I loved first grade when I majored in education. Yes, the students are cute and aren't they like a sponge? You may come back and switch to teaching at the elementary level???


  5. I'm so glad that you're having such a good experience so far! Your room looks much nicer than the one you had at Grad Hills, haha. And the kids are so cute!

    Miss you lots, though I'm managing to trudge along without you. (And I must admit that I haven't been to step class since you left - oops!)

    Keep the posts coming, I look forward to reading them and trying to live vicariously through you! =)

  6. Thank you all. I do love the kids. I am working with all grades from 1st through 6th on different days of the week. Thanks for reading.