Monday, March 30, 2009

Vista de la Ventana

Perhaps I mentioned the windows in our apartment in a former post. I love the big glass windows we have. I keep them open to let in a cool breeze, since the little thermometer on my night stand reads 93 degrees Fahrenheit (which is indoors in the shade). I thought it was supposed to be autumn here? But I'm not complaining. This is my summer.

From the windows I love watching people walking along the street below. One entire wall of my room is a window with a railing so it is more like a balcony. It's great (minus the the noise from autos, loud advertisement vehicles, and mosquitos that get in). My view is great.

I like the noise from people milling around down below too. Makes me feel like I'm really in Latin America (especially when Uruguayans start singing Cumplianos Feliz at 2 something in the morning). There's something comforting about sounds of life.

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