Thursday, June 4, 2009

Business Cards

I officially have my first real set of business cards! Very professional. Thank you Fulbright. I love them.

I have to admit, there is nothing quite like saying, "oh yeah, and here's my card."

Choosing academia as a career path often delays little niceties like having personal business cards until well into the future. As such, I will enjoy these cards and hand them out like candy. Who wants my card? Please, not everyone at once.


  1. That is freaking awesome. They look great from the picture that you posted. I am sure you are excited to hand them out!

  2. Hello Jennifer, I am a recent Fullbright student grant recipient and am interested in acquiring Fulbright business cards. From your blog post, it sounds like you had some Fulbright business cards made (although the photo isn't working). Was wondering how you went about getting these and if you would mind sending me a photo of your's?