Friday, June 12, 2009

Busy as a Bee

This week has been extremely busy for me, so I am rather far behind in blog posts and responding to emails that people have sent me (sorry! I will hopefully get on that soon). Some people from the CERP had a farewell party for us at one of their residences, which happened to be in a beautiful old house. We had hamburgers, delicious desserts, and a Scrabble Tournament.

Similarly, some students had a small celebration for us that included, you guessed it, desserts. Ohhh my. You have no idea how many sweet things (smothered in dulce de leche ) I have eaten in this past week. My teeth are crying. Praise the Lord for toothpaste.

Last night the teachers from my school took us out to dinner at the Salto Shopping Center. It seems to be the place to be on Thursday nights because there is a bit of live Tango music and dancing for the most adventurous (or highly trained). We also went over to the inspector's house for dinner within the past week as well. Ahhhh, so busy! But I'm not complaining.

Tonight I am headed to Montevideo by bus and then tomorrow I will hop on a plane to Brazil. I do believe our hotels will have internet access, so expect to hear from me soon. Chao.


  1. wait a minute.....are you guys wearing coats...and scarves?!
    please, don't tell me so. I knew i would come in the middle of winter, but really?

  2. Sounds like you are having some fun. On the bright side, this week is almost over. It is the weekend and that is something to be excited about!